Xiangyun Jin (Kim Sang-yoon)

Patent Attorney

Corporate Title

Managing Partner/Patent Attorney

  • Phone : +86-10-62139699
  • Fax : +86-10-62131630; +86-10-62131230
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Xiangyun Jin (Kim Sang-yoon)


Patent Attorney/Managing Partner


Education & Training:

1994 – Changchun University of Science & Technology, Bachelor of Engineering in Optical Technology and Precision Instrument

2003 – Osaka Prefecture University, Master of Engineering in Mechanics

2010 – Patent Attorney Certification

2011 – Patent Attorney License



2011 – Patent Attorney License



1994 – Tianjin Samsung Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd

2003 – Delta Electronics Inc.

2005 – Lung Tin Intellectual Property Agent Ltd.



His professional performance in patent area covers patent search, infringement analysis, composition of grounds, new applications, review, announcement of invalidation and litigation. He specializes in patent for invention, utility model and industrial designs and involves in photo-electricity, mechanics, semi-conductor and electro-telecommunication, especially in sensor, image processing, transmission, display, computer technology, internet and home appliances. He is also responsible for patent application for many well-known Japanese and South Korean companies operated in China. Mr. Kim will present many international IP conferences held in Japan and South Korea and exchange ideas with his counterparts in Japan and South Korea.