Tianxia Jia

Tianxia Jia

Patent Engineer

Practice Area
Patent Prosecution


Chinese, English

Technical Background

Tim has solid understanding of various technical fields, with speciality in material science and engineering, polymer engineering and bio-material engineering. His work involves material processing, engineering design and molecular simulations.  He also worked on several IT projects including Data Warehouse, BI projects, machine learning and automation with technology consultancy.


2012.9-2015.6 Bachelor’s Degree, Polymer Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology.
2015-.9-2017.9 Research Faculty at Loughborough University, England

Professional Experience

After joining Chofn, Tim works mainly on patent prosecution, advising clients on international filing strategies, patent landscaping and design around solutions. He participated in major client’s patent management, communicating over different time zones. Tim also help Chinese clients with foreign filing matters, helping them understand the difference in patent prosecution in different jurisdictions.


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