Ming Yang

Trademark Attorney/Lawyer

Corporate Title

General Manager of Legal Division

  • Phone : +86-10-62139699
  • Fax : +86-10-6213 1630
  • Email : Trademark

Professional Title

Trademark Attorney

Education Degree

Bachelor of Economic Law


2010-Now   Attorney/Manager of Legal Division of Beijing Chofn IP Agency

2008-2010  Attorney of Sichuan Altitude Law Firm

2006-2008  Trademark Agent of Sichuan Chengdu Tiance Trademark & Patent Office


Mr. Yang had nearly 10 years of experience in IP agency before joining Chofn and has handled dozens of cognitions of well-known and famous trademarks, thousands of trademark oppositions, reviews and responses. Joining Chofn in 2010, Mr. Yang is specialized in trademark right determination, right protection, trademark use, management and protection, especially in knotty trademark right determination, protection and unfair competition. Mr. Yang has been offering advisory service to Wuliangye Group and Zhongtian Build, and is now a member of Chengdu Brand Service Expert Panel.   



1.       Study on New Problems Occurring in Judicial Determination of Famous Trademark

2.       Analysis on Enterprises’ Trademark Management Strategy

3.       Trademarks in Category 35 after “Hongqi Chain versus Hongqi Shopping Mall” in Chengdu (published on China Trademark)

4.       Under What Circumstances will Selling Products Which Infringe a Registered Trademark be Relieved from Compensation (published on China Trademark)

5.       our Misunderstandings of Procedure of Trademark Right Determination

6.       Trademark Office’s Flexible Application of Provisions on Adverse Effects.

Successful cases

1.       Review of adjudication on opposition to “Jingfenggu” on behalf of “Forgood Distillery” (Fenggu in Chinese)

2.       Review of rejection on “Chuanda” (Chinese abbreviation of Sichuan University) on behalf of “Sichuan University”

3.       Opposition to “Tangqiao” on behalf of Wuliangye Group

4.       Review of rejection on “New Tanyang” due to adverse effect

5.       Prevent “Longyin Town” and “Xunlong Mountain” from being registered preemptively on behalf of Shulong Tourism

6.       Opposition to “Meifeng and device” on behalf of Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. “Meifeng” is protected as a famous trademark.

7.       Dispute on “ ” on behalf of Wuliangye Group

8.       Review of opposition to and administrative litigation against “Zuiliangye” on behalf of Wuliangye Group

9.       Application for famous trademarks like “Duerge” and “Lvseyaoye”.

10.     Application for well-known trademarks like “Honghualang”, “Wuling” and “Maipu”.