Wen Peng

Wen Peng

Partner, Trademark Attorney, Attorney at Law

Practice Area



Chinese, English


Bachelor's degree in English Translation from Hunan Normal University in 2011.
Master's Degree in Translation and Interpretation from Hunan Normal University in 2013.

Professional Experience

After graduation, Ms. Peng joined Chofn as a Trademark Attorney in 2012. And then in 2016 she studied EU trademark law in Germany.

Ms. Peng's practice covers prosecution and enforcement, including trademark filing, trademark search, appeal against rejection, opposition, cancellation, invalidation, investigation, administrative lawsuit, anti-Counterfeit, IP customs recordal, copyright and domain related prosecution and enforcement, etc. She is also good at consulting on corporate IP strategy and portfolio management. Ms. Peng has served for many well-known companies such as Ford, Carlsberg, Suncor, SSAB, Metso, Kaufland, etc.

In 2018, Ms. Wen Peng passed the national bar exam.


  1. Co-author, China Regulates Evidence in Civil IP Lawsuits. Marques, 2020

  2. Practical Tips on Trademark Matters in China

  3. A global guide for practitioners, WTR Yearbook 2017/2018


2020 Trademark Attorney of Gold-Medal Service by Chinese Trademark Association