Haiyu Li

Haiyu Li

Partner, Trademark Attorney, Attorney at Law

Practice Area
Trademark, IP Litigation


Chinese, English


2010  Bachelor's degree of Law in China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, China
2015  Studied EU trademark law in Germany

Professional Experience

Ms. Li passed the Chinese bar in 2009 and obtained the lawyer's license in 2013. Before joining Chofn in 2013, Ms. Li worked in two other Chinese firms. Now, she is partner, trademark attorney and attorney-at-law at Chofn IP. Ms. Li advises on brand protection and strategy and is experienced in dealing with cases on copyright, domain name and unfair competition. She represents a wide variety of local, multi-national and foreign-owned businesses across a broad array of industries. 

Ms. Li serves on INTA’s Bulletins Committee. She has contributed many articles to various IP media and has a flair for presenting complex topics in a way that is easily understood and makes sense from a business perspective.


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