ChaoCheng Law Firm Helped an US Company to Win Six Patent Litigation Cases in China

Recently, an US Company won all six patent litigation cases in China and obtained full compensation from multiple infringers by entrusting Beijing ChaoCheng Law Firm, a subsidiary firm of CHOFN Group, to handle these cases.

This US company has a series of design patents in China to protect its products. Since it was found that there are multiple manufacturers producing and selling infringing products in China, the US company entrusted Beijing ChaoCheng Law Firm to file patent infringement lawsuits against six Chinese companies that infringed its six design patents, respectively.

The lawyers of ChaoCheng Law Firm proactively conducted online and offline investigation and evidence collection, and carried out evidence fixation, that is, conducting both web page notarization and notarization purchase. After obtaining the products involved, the lawyers completely confirmed that the products involved infringed the design patents of the US Company through analysis and comparison. At the trial scene, the lawyers of ChaoCheng Law Firm fully demonstrated the evidences obtained and provided careful analysis, and the arguments were well-established. In the end, the US Company won all six patent infringement lawsuits. Although the defendants (i.e., the Chinese companies accused of infringement) of 4 cases appealed, the first-instance decision was upheld in the second instance. Afterwards, in order to protect the interests of the US Company, the lawyers of ChaoCheng Law Firm applied for the compulsory execution procedure, and have obtained full compensation from the infringers of 3 cases, and the compensation in the other 3 cases is in the process of execution.

The US Company was very satisfied with the service of ChaoCheng Law Firm, and continued to entrust ChaoCheng Law Firm to handle the company's other patent service.

The success of the US Company's patent enforcement in China reflects the fair trial of the cases by Chinese courts and equal treatment of foreign-related litigation subjects. It also shows the professional intellectual property legal service and customer-oriented service concept of ChaoCheng Law Firm. Further, the enforcement procedures and the improvement in the patent enforcement and litigation of the new Chinese Patent Law will enable foreign-related litigation subjects to not only win the case, but also obtain more compensation.