Abolishing Subsidies for Utility Model and Design Patent Applications in China

Ms. Xiao Han

CNIPA continues to improve the quality and efficiency of the patent examination in 2020.

According to a statement by China's National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), CNIPA will push forward a policy to   abolish entirely the subsidies and rewards for utility model, design applications and trademark registration over China. In light of this, we are expecting to see a reduction in the number of applications for utility model and design patents.

The quality of utility model and design examinations will also be improved by upgrading the intelligent systems of patent examination and search.

In addition, a long-term mechanism will be established to crack down abnormal patent applications and malicious registration and hoarding of trademarks.

Finally, by the end of 2020, the examination period for high-value patents will be shorten to within 16 months, and the average examination period for trademark registrations will be reduced to within 4 months.