Chofn Joined Hands with EY for Upgrading the Operation

On July 20 of 2019, Ms. Wanfang Liu, the partner from EY, and Ms. Shenyi Zhang, a senior consulting director of EY, came to Chofn and provided a detailed introduction of a consulting project for improving Chofn’s operational procedure and management. Mr. Hong Mu, the president and CEO of Chofn, Mr. Binglin Li, the vice president of Chofn, and other senior executives from Chofn attended the meeting.


Mr. Binglin Li, the project director from Chofn, emphasized that the project is highly important for supporting Chofn’s IP service, compliance management and sustainable development. Mr. Li also expressed his resolution to complete the project with a high quality on behalf of all project team members.


As the project manager, Ms. Shenyi Zhang from EY elaborated this project from three aspects: conception and methods, plans and team, and management and basis. The project is planned to be implemented through construction of operation system, management of compliance and implementation of operation system, so as to achieve a stable and compliant operational procedure in Chofn. The project will be progressed in four stages. EY will use their professional methodology, experience and global resources to optimize the operational procedure and organizational structure for Chofn. The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.


In the end, Mr. Hong Mu, the CEO of Chofn, gave an ending speech stating that establishment of IP right and its operation must strictly follow the rules of confidentiality, due dates and the like. The goal of this project is to build a client-centric, fully compliant operational procedure and organization.


After the meeting, Ms. Shenyi Zhang and Mr. Yu Yang further gave two targeted trainings for all members of the project team regarding “Operational System” and “Operational Compliance Management”.