An Overview of Chofn English Articles in 2021

Chofn IP is a full-service IP firm based in China, with practices covering all areas of intellectual property. The year 2021 was one full of challenges and adventures for everyone. As always, Chofn provides prompt and pragmatic IP services to our clients, and at the same time, we keep abreast of the industry trends and provide professional information to our clients and associates at home and abroad.

We have collected all the English articles of our colleagues, published in WIPR, MARQUES, Mondaq, and our own newsletters in 2021 and listed them below for your easier information. We hope you find them useful.

A summary PDF is available at the bottom of this webpage. For more articles in Chinese and in other years, we welcome you to our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at



Chinese IP Updates Ⅰ

Chinese IP Updates Ⅱ

Chinese IP Updates Ⅲ

Chinese IP Updates Ⅳ

Chinese IP Updates Ⅴ




International Trademark Opposition in China

How to Use Non-Use Cancellation in China

Trademark MOCCA Cancelled as Generic Name in China

Nature of Gifts in Non-Use Cancellation Cases in China

Beijing IP Court Issues Fines Over Fake Evidence

VW Fails to Overcome Citation Through LOC in China

Typical Punitive Damages in IP Cases

US Wyeth Wins Two-Decade Trademark Enforcement Battles

Serious IPR Infringers to Be Listed in China’s Credit System

Case Study: Parallel Import is Not Trademark Infringement in China

Obtain a .cn Domain Name Registered for More Than Three Years

CNIPA Solicits Opinions on Trademark Examination Criteria

CNIPA Releases 10 Typical Trademark Cases

Risk of Using “on behalf of” or “dba” in Applicant's Name for Chinese Trademark Application

Chinese Administrative Criteria for Trademark Enforcement

Updates on Punitive Damages in Chinese Civil IP Cases

Updates on Chinese Courts’Views on OEM Use of Trademarks

Enforcement of Civil Judgments in China

China’s New Project to Curb Malicious Filing in 2021

The Supreme People’s Court Interpretation Concerning Application of Punitive Damage in Civil Cases of Intellectual Property Right Infringement

CNIPA Releases Guiding IP Cases for Administrative Enforcement

Comparative Guide to Trademark Law

Damage CNY100K Granted Despite Infringing Profit Only CNY4K

Mike Jordan Stopped Infringing Trade Name Temporarily